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The present Privacy Policy is adopted and implemented by, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) in purposes to provide security to rights and lawfully protected interests of third parties within the rendering of Services of advertisement in the Internet.

Terms and definitions


  • “IA RealWeb” LLC (Konstantinovskiy prospect, 11, Saint-Petersburg, 197110, Russia; general state registration number 1057811290767, TIN 7813323882), and / or
  • “RealVeb MSK” LLC (Russia, Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya street, 44, office 19, general state registration number 1107746488497, TIN 7705920514)

User – a legal entity (including the employee or authorized representative acting on the basis of a power of attorney) or a natural person, whose personal data and/or information on which may be collected, processed and analyzed within the rendering of Services.

Services – services of advertising in the Internet and related services, which Company renders to legal entities or natural persons under the contracts between the Company and these entities and persons.

1. Personal data of the User collected and processed by the Service

1.1. The present Policy operates with term “personal User Data” which has the meaning as follows:

1.1.1. Personal User information, which is provided by User independently within the registration or in process of rendering of Services by Company, including User’ personal data.

1.1.2. Data, which automatically transmitted to the Company during the process of rendering of Services with the usage of modern instruments of collecting and processing of data in advertising purposes, including by means of software or hardware of User or third parties, such as IP-address, cookie data and information (including geo-position up to a town or city, User’s device, User’s conduct and actions at the site of advertiser, including User’s interests and purchases), User’s Internet browser information (or the other software providing access to the Service), time of access and the address of the requested page.

1.1.3. The other User data and information, provision or collection of which is required by conditions of an agreement between the Company and User or required by acting legislation of Russian federation.

1.2. The present Policy is only applicable to the Services of the Company. The Company does not control and is not liable for Internet sites of third persons, which the User may visit or attend by links within the process of usage of the Services by User within the framework of its activity, including by links in search results. The named sites of third persons may collect or request any other personal User information and the other activities may be performed.

1.3. The Company by default does not examine the authenticity or validity of the personal information, provided by Users, and does not control their capacity. However the Company considers the User provided authentic, valid and sufficient information and supports it up to date. The consequences of providing of invalid or non-authentic information are regulated by terms and conditions of an agreement between Company and User, and the User bears the responsibility for provision of invalid or non-authentic information.

2. Purposes of collection and processing of personal User information

2.1. The Company collects and processes only those personal data, which is necessary for due performance and execution of agreements between the Company and Users.

2.2. The Company may use the personal user information in the following purposes:

2.2.1. Identification of a User;

2.2.2. Provision to User of a possibility to use the Services of the Company;

2.2.3. Communications with a User, including forwarding of notices, requests and information, relating to the use of the Services, as well as processing of User’s requests and inquiries;

2.2.4. Improvement of the Services quality, it’s usability, and development of new facilities and services;

2.2.5. Targeting of advertisement materials;

2.2.6. Statistic and other similar researches based on depersonalized data.

3. Conditions of personal User information processing and transmittance to third parties

3.1. The Conmany neither accepts nor uses the data, obtained during the publishing of advertisement materials at DoubleClick for the purposes of retargeting, both through inside of the Company or by means of any third services.

3.2. The Company stores the personal information of Users. The personal information is stored as confidential and kept as such, excluding the cases of voluntary disclosure of (granting of access to) such information by User to any third parties.

3.3. The Company has right to transmit the personal User information to a third party in following circumstances:

3.3.1. The User agreed with such actions;

3.3.2. The transmission is necessary for the performance of Services to User by the Company;

3.3.3. The transmission is required by Russian or any other applicable laws within the frames of legally adopted procedures;

3.3.4. The transmission is undertaken within the frames of sale of any other transfer of the Company or of the business in general (in full or partially), and by which the new owner acquires all obligations to comply the conditions of the present Policy applicable to the personal information obtained;

3.3.5. In purposes of protection of the Company’s or third party’s rights and lawful interests in cases, when a User breaks the conditions of an agreement with the Company.

3.4. The Company complies with the Federal law of Russian federation “On personal data” when processing personal User data.

4. Change of User’s personal information

4.1. A User may at any moment change (refresh or add) a personal User information provided by him/her, in full or in any part, and any parameters of its confidentiality.

4.2. A User may delete a personal User information provided by him/her and containing in any account. The rendering of the Service to such User becomes impossible herewith.

4.3. A User may at any time change settings of his/her device or software (personal computer, mobile device, operational system, browser) to prevent acceptance, disable or delete files known as “cookies”. Such changes adapted or applied to to prevent acceptance, disable or delete cookies, may cause some Service functions or options become unavailable.

4.4. All necessary clarifications on the order and consequences of usage and disabling of cookies:, and

4.5. In a case if rendering of Services is performed with usage of Google sites or services, a User may at any time apply the corrections or advertisement settings provided by Google (,

5. The measures applied to secure the personal User information

The Company undertakes and applies necessary and sufficient organizational an technical measures and efforts for protection of personal User information from illegal or occasional access, deletion, modification, blocking, copying, disclosure or any other unlawful actions of third parties.

6. Amendment of the Privacy Policy. Applicable laws

6.1. The Company retains right to change, alter or amend the present Policy. When changes are adopted, the date of the last amendment is stated in the new edition. The new version of the Policy enacts at the moment of its publication at the site of the Service, if the other is not stated by the new version of the Policy. Current and acting version is always placed at

6.2. The laws applied to the present policy and relations between the User, Licensee and the Company related to the present Policy, are the laws of Russian Federation.

7. Feedbacks. Questions and offers.

All offers or questions relation to the present Policy shall be forwarded to “IA RialWeb” LLC by e-mail to or in written to the address:

  • “IA RealWeb” LLC, Konstantinovskiy prospect, 11, Saint-Petersburg, 197110, Russia, and / or
  • “RealVeb MSK” LLC, Russia, Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya street, 44, office 19.

Date of publishing 05th of December, 2014

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